Service Fees

Fees – Private Patients And Medicare Rebates

To meet the needs of the community, patients attending this clinic will only be charged a discounted concession fee. To further assist patients we are offering Bulk Billing.

We have adopted a Standard Concession Fee for all private patients. Ranging from $120.00 to $160.00 per hour or session. Patients who are referred by their general practitioner under the new Medicare Mental Health Initiative, will have 10 individual and 10 sessions in group therapy rebated by Medicare As an added advantage to our PATIENTS we are happy to Bulk Billing for these items to our patients on a current Government Health Care Card. For all other patients there will be an out of pocket expense of $30 to $35. Please ask your general practitioner about this possibility or call us for more details.

By comparison, The Australian Psychological Society Recommended Fee is currently $240.00 per hour.

Some Private Health Insurance Providers offer rebates for psychological services. Please ask your insurer.

  • VICTORIAN WORKCOVER AUTHORITY V.W.A. will pay for services that have been approved for patients who have sustained an injury, which is related to their job.
  • TRANSPORT ACCIDENT COMMISSION T.A.C. will pay for services that have been approved for patients directly affected due to a car accident and also for those who are grieving after loosing a family member to death in a car accident.

For accepted claims the Insurer will be billed direct. Please don’t forget to bring your claim details, and doctor’s referral letter. Patients on compensation systems should also be aware that any cost denied by Insurers cannot be redeemed through Medicare, and remain the patient’s responsibility.

VICTIMS OF CRIME ASSISTANCE TRIBUNAL V.O.C.A.T. may pay for services of those people who have been a victim of a crime or who have witnessed and have been affected by such crime. The crime must be reported to police and an application must be lodged into VOCAT. Call us for more information.


  • Any appointment with a Psychologist is significantly longer than a standard Doctors appointment (typically about an hour) and appointments are ESSENTIAL. Therefore we request that reasonable notice be given in the event of a cancellation; at least 24 hours.
  • Failure to provide adequate notice will incur a non-attendance fee. Please also note that this applies to patients who’s fees may be covered by a third party insurer such as T.A.C. The insurer is not responsible for non-attendance fees and will be the responsibility of the client.